Welcome to Innovation Papers

When I told some friends that I intended to set-up a blog to talk about Innovation, one of them very wisely told me: “But why? Innovation is already a worn-out concept!”. Well, I believe there is some truth in this because we are currently experiencing an Innovation bubble or “Innoflation”. Everyone is using the term so much that it seems that if you do not innovate, you will fall from the edge of Earth…

However, I still want to try because I am genuinely interested in it, in the transformation Innovation can bring to people and to organisations. True, the bubble will eventually burst, but as with all of these business term bubbles (remember the Quality bubble or the Strategic Planning bubble), the authentic parts will stay and become stronger. I will try to throw in my two cents’ worth with this humble blog where I intend to reflect upon those things that I find interesting in the Innovation environment.

Why the title “Innovation Papers” for the blog? Basically because I like how it sounds and  it was available! But also because although I am quite digital myself, I still like the touch and feel of paper, one of the greatest innovations in the history of humankind, but one that we are quickly trying to eradicate. So I found interesting the “contradiction” of Innovation and Paper, a little like starting an Innovation blog in the middle of the Innoflation era. I just hope both paper and this blog can stand the challenge!

You can see that I have already included the two posts published in LinkedIn about the “Physics of Innovation” and I will continue to publish new ones here (a new one is coming soon). But I also intend to share other things with my readers, always looking for the interesting side of Innovation. I hope to include collaborations from friends and colleagues that I am sure will raise the quality of the blog. In the future, if everything goes well, I will also be glad to make this blog an open paper where any of you could share your views and reflections on Innovation.

Well, allow me to sharpen my “pencil”, to gather some “blank sheets of paper” and start writing Innovation papers. I just hope you find it interesting…



  1. Alvaro, I am delighted that you have started this initiative. The insights provided in your blogs are both thought provoking and inspiring. I look forward to reading more .. no pressure 😉

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