Killer Innovations

The objective of today’s post is sharing with you a source of innovation material that I find very interesting. It is Phil Mckinney’s Killer Innovations blog and podcast. I have been following it for a few months and I sincerely recommend you to check it out.

From his days as HP Chief Technology Officer and later involved with other high tech endeavours, Phil McKinney has had first hand experience in innovation and the technological world. More than twelve years ago, he started the Killer Innovation podcast (probably one of longest running podcasts around) where he discusses different aspects of the innovation and technology world, from his point of view and experience, but also with very interesting guests. You can find everything in his website and in the major podcast sites. I recommend you to start on the following page of his website ( You can also take a look at his blog, where other innovation themes are discussed (

Some of the interesting concepts I have absorbed from Killer Innovations are, for instance, the innovation antibodies and how to deal with them, the 7 immutable laws of innovation, or his definition of what a killer innovation actually is. Actually, the podcast has a weekly frequency, so you will find a wide range of topics that may be of interest for you.

I bumped into this podcast/blog when, after finishing my Business Innovation Masters degree from Deusto Business School, I was browsing the web for the not so well-known innovation information sites, and I have to say this is a hidden gem!

I hope you find it as interesting as I do, but please, if you are aware of other similar high-interest sources (apart from the well-known Innovation Excellence and similar sites), let me know in the comments. Thank you!


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